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(Service: Change Management and Organizational Development, Organization Performance, Effectiveness & Retention, Learning and Development, Organization Transition or Transformation (e.g. M&A))

Corporate strategy and transformation are typical areas of management and leadership consulting spaces to analyze an organizations complexities or challenges, to develop strategies and schemes for improvement, and implement and execute the plans created.

Strategic Business Planning

Our advisory and consulting services assist corporations with developing a roadmap detailing the direction they want the business, department, subsidiary, products, or services to go.  Development is based on establishment of an executive summary, mission and purpose statements, objectives, vision, analyzed quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods data, formulated strategy, implemented strategy, and evaluation and control of the strategy, each with applying particular frameworks or models to mitigate risks and increase operational efficiency.  We also conceptualize budgets and operating plans, funding strategies, and growth strategies. Market penetration, market expansion, diversification and acquisition, and product expansion growth strategies.

Executive & Investor Presentations

Our firm works with numerous investment firms utilizing our advisory service, as experts. Presentations we develop from strategy, management, human resources, operations, and sometimes technology consulting possess components useful for executive and investor presentations, including at the board of director's level.  Presently, we work with 9 investment organizations to review investor presentations on a frequent basis for consumer, retail, technology, and food & beverage companies.

Methodologies, Frameworks, & Tools: Organization Change Management

For organizational change management (OCM), we address dilemmas businesses are facing in economies today, like disruptive technologies, economic uncertainty, competition, and what some scholars and practitioners' term, globalization.  As a result, firms must scale differently, shift strategies, upgrade technologies, apply new systems integrations, and approach performance in new ways, implementing new ideations, so the business can operate differently. For change management, we exercise various tools and frameworks, like Kotter's 8-Step Process for Leading Change, Kurt Lewin's Change Model, the ADKAR Model, and Prosci, and begin by appraising organizational readiness, organization-wide communication, resistance management, employee feedback, and so forth.

Tools, Methodologies, & Frameworks: Hybrid Frameworks

When working with corporations, for our consulting service, we use a variety of tools, methodologies, and frameworks, including hybrid frameworks to gather, manage, and test data collected to scale, manage, transform, and advance organizations.  Tools, methodologies, and frameworks in alignment with the research questions, hypotheses, research methods, and products and services being studied, created, or restructured.

Project Portfolio Management

Project portfolio management (PPfM) is distinct from program management and project management, mainly in strategy, perspective, and techniques applied. Program and project management regard completing projects correctly: delivery and execution. Project portfolio management is about performing the correct projects at the right time by carefully and strategically choosing, prioritizing, coordinating, and managing projects as a portfolio of [particular] investments, increasing business value, which we assist clients with.  Business value is increased because projects are aligned with the firm's strategic direction to best use limited resources.  We have launched global corporations with extremely scarce resources.



(Change Management and Organizational Development; Organization Perfo
rmance, Effectiveness & Retention, Learning and Development, Organization Transition or Transformation (e.g. M&A))

Risk & Reputation Management

Our advisory and consulting services include risk and reputation management.  For risk management, we can advise on potential risks to firm's organization-wide or functionally within departments using a variety of cutting-edge risk management frameworks. We also exercise various risk governance documents and can make recommendations on risk governance structures. For example, rising risks due to organizational culture or dilemmas or loss of sales, customers, or key employee's. Likewise, for reputation management and evaluation, our firm is able to provide referrals to reputation management and risk enterprises to ensure the perception of your organization is maintained in the eyes of governing bodies, the media, and most significantly, stakeholders. 


Learning & Development

Learning and development are needed to utilize a systematic process to improve executives, key leaders, and employees skills, competencies, and/or knowledge to enhance the productivity of a work environment or the company holistically. Our organization provides corporate trainings in a number of areas, using lecture style, seminars, and role playing, since 1997.  Some areas being change management for leaders, leadership style, time management, team building, corporate governance, sales, ethics in banking, stress and burnout, writing policies and procedures, and COVID-19 focused corporate trainings. We harness our own content developed over the years from professional experience and do use institutions pre-arranged materials instead of our own, like we do for healthcare entities BlueCross BlueShield, Anthem, Optum, and even the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ).

Regulatory & Compliance Strategy

A regulatory and compliance strategy involves an organization possessing the proper efforts and procedures and awareness to comply with applicable policies, laws, and regulations. Distinct from corporate compliance of adhering to internal rules and policies.  We can assist with corporate compliance endeavors regarding constructing internal policies and controls, compliance officer designation, training programs creation, and ongoing reviews and schedules to ensure compliance. 

The majority of our regulatory and compliance strategy revolves around the industries of financial services, health insurance, and prescription drugs. For instance, advisory and consultancy on Dodd Frank, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Office of Foreign Assets & Controls (OFAC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) compliance, GSA Schedules compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliance (corporate governance), and navigating legal foreign corrupt practices in foreign nations. Yet, we possess the capacity to advise on consumer goods, food & beverage, cosmetic, and retail establishments regulations and compliances via industry experience, supported with extensive market research.



(Service: Change Management and Organizational Development)

Product: New Product Expansion

When company leaders consider expanding organizational products into new markets, many only think about the firm's marketing strategy.  However, aspects like target market, customer profile, customer demographics, and market analysis, to name a few, should be defined first.

Product Management

We assist firms with managing their products and services (e.g. implementing online banking services for banks), so they can keep up with current economic business environments. To do so, we help organizations reconsider and restructure their products and services offerings, digital marketing (apps), loyalty programs, and innovation costs, enhancing the customer experience, after comprehending their customer's true needs, personalized preferences, and identifying early and late adopters.

Market Research: Market Mapping & Sizing

Our organization uses a variety of approaches and databases, including thousands of research databases, to secure sources and databases of both primary and secondary research using a market research strategy.  We help our clients understand things like county business patterns, industrial reports, trade outlook, city and county data to identify ideal customers, ways to get new products and services to customers, current population trends of the business' targeted customers, and who competitors are. Lastly, for market sizing, not only do we apply market mapping and competitors information researched, we exercise a variety of Market Sizing Models to assess the potential revenue and profit and reach for a product or service over a certain period of time, locating the total potential value of a product or service.  To so do, we also utilize some strategy consulting techniques. Profit is the total profit margin of a product line based on the volume of sales, revenues, and marginal cost while revenue is the dollar amount of products sold.

Market Research: Voice of Customer Research

One of the services under our consulting arm is obtaining customers preferences, expectations, dislikes, and behavioral patterns.  We apply quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches to capture voice of customer (VoC) data to home in on which products and services customers or consumers really want from businesses.  Additionally, we provide both data collection and understanding of the data to client organizations to close the gap between customer's expectations and their true experiences with businesses. The VoC feedback data gathered, data analyzed, and secondary analytics helps firms comprehend their target customer's, improve retention, and customize products and services or "add-on" features.



(Service: Change Management and Organizational Development)

Human Resources & Organization: Organization Design & Assessment

Both, our advisory and consulting services address human capital matters and organizational processes, from the human resources (HR) practices function, to improve corporations. Including, addressing issues within human resources and organization-wide possibly stemming from the design of the business, organization structure wise. We conduct assessments to address human capital, HR practices, and organization design complexities, so businesses are more aligned with 21st practices and skill sets.


Favorably, to create alignment, we focus on leadership alignment, training (learning and development), change management, organizational culture and behavior change, talent management, advisory, and recruitment, and interventions. We can also advise on rewards structures aligned with the national culture of the nation the firm operates in, health and well-being benefits (welfare), and compensation/benefits/bonus schemes, organization-wide, as each are related using our Future Research Value Chain Model℠ developed over the last 5 years applying research and working with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) providers.

Business Analysis: General Management Consulting

We work with clients on business planning, strategy, and problem-solving harnessing various topics like business model development, advertising and marketing strategy (application of advertising and marketing techniques and when to use them), and acquiring business knowledge and skills to succeed. Overall, we identify business needs and determine resolutions to business difficulties, opportunities, questions, and problems, mainly using an organizational and strategy consulting approach of market research, data analysis, understanding consumers needs, and so on. We work with clients until change or business transitions are completed and new approaches to working are officially a part of business operations, leadership, and management, improving performance, if applicable.

Project Management: Change Management

Our advisors are project management certified and can assist your corporation with making the best decision for a range of projects or business discrepancies, providing leadership and oversight in executing projects, from initiation and planning to execution, monitoring, and completion. To demonstrate, for organizational change management (OCM), we address dilemmas businesses are facing in economies today, like disruptive technologies, economic uncertainty, competition, and what some scholars and practitioners term, globalization.  As a result, firms must scale differently, shift strategies, upgrade technologies, apply new systems integrations, and approach performance in new ways, implementing new ideations, so the business can operate differently.  For change management, we exercise various tools and frameworks, like Kotter's 8-Step Process for Leading Change, Kurt Lewin's Change Model, the ADKAR Model, and Prosci, and begin by appraising organizational readiness, organization-wide communication, resistance management, employee feedback, and so forth.

Process Management or Improvement

To improve processes or efficiency, improvement discussions from both leadership and worker's must occur and an improvement plan formalized. We seek to advise leaders and managers on how to make their firms more profitable through cost reduction and revenue increase.  For all engagements, including Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Improvement (BPI), we seek to identify efficiency gaps in your current business, provide methods or solutions that are new to clients, have clients adopt our solutions and be able to measure improvement over time, and maintain the improvement. Work habit and process issues must be consistently addressed.



(Service: Change Management and Organizational Development)

Board of Directors (BoD) Governance Development

Proxy statements, annual reports, and corporate collateral are not the only company documents a business should have in place to set the organizational culture, communicate firm values to internal and external stakeholders, and avoid unethical actions.  Aside from state and federal obligations, board directors should be accountable to codes, standards, policies, interest statements, and the like.  With access to nearly 50 types of documents and techniques organizations implement in various regions throughout the world, we can help your firm do the same to ensure ethics is demonstrated top-down.

Business Governance Plan (BGP) Development: One to Four-Year Plans

We believe not all data should be quantitative because leaders of companies need to know what customers are saying, how or why they feel a particular way about a product or service, provoking the need for obtaining qualitative and mixed data for analyses to discover, improve, and/or launch products and services.  Such data can also be used to determine which major components of a general BGP or Comprehensive BGP should be created, even for each department of an institution.  To initiate BGPs we conduct ethics-audits and address compliance with U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO).  To develop BGPs, as examples, we do advise and consult on types of risks organizations encounter, BGP development and implementation timelines, risk models, and economic tools and instruments.

Financial Services Industry

Corporate Governance Plan Development: Rewards & Sales Fraud Redemption Plan

A toxic workplace culture can be fixed, via certain time-frame initiatives, like some consultancies implement for 6 months to one-year, but should be an ongoing organizational commitment driven by effective leaders.  A code of ethics (COE) or sometimes termed a statement of ethics (SOE) or code of conduct (COC) document must be in place and disseminated, including to key people.  All companies, small, medium, large, and in between should have corporate governance documents to create and manage the reputation, culture, and values of the business.  For multinational organizations a full compliance department should be established along with other key people put in place, new c-suite positions.  Various corporate governance documents can assist with this, which our firm can assist with to vet to legal counsel to help corporate's avoid harassment, bullying, discrimination, rewards & sales fraud, and the like in the workplace, possibly leading to legal issues or deep and continuous regulatory fines.

Financial Services Industry

Corporate Governance Plan Development: Rewards & Sales Fraud Proprietary Technology

Not only can we create, revise, or suggest corporate governance plans or documents to protect enterprises from rewards and sales fraud, like within banks, we can recommend a myriad of solutions to monitor and detect rewards and sales fraud.  One being implementation of rewards and sales fraud proprietary technology and non-proprietary technologies and schemes, enhancing fraud and loss prevention strategy.



(Service: Change Management and Organizational Development)

Sales & Business Development: Strategic Partnership Development

Business development is a process and involves locating a match between a product (solution) and a segment in a market.  Hence, business development regards creating long-term value for a business from markets, customers, and relationships.  To create long-term value, an activity that serves as the purpose of 'developing' the business, in some form, is pursued, which we help clients craft.  For example, the activity can be strategic partnership development.  Strategic partners can help an institution gain access to channels, markets, new products, and even customer's and their loyalty.


Sales & Business Development: Account Growth Strategy

Sales is a process.  The process of sales regards the systematic generation of revenue with the product, as a solution, in the chosen market segment; the approach is an attempt to secure market leadership.  We work with leading companies to help them improve sales effectiveness and efficiency.  To do so, we help organizations consider sales concepts to develop for different markets, to generate growth not long after concept implementation.



(Service: Change Management and Organizational Development, Organization Perfo
rmance, Effectiveness & Retention, Learning and Development, Organization Transition or Transformation (e.g. M&A))

Primary Research & Operations Research

Primary and operations research is necessary to discover monetary ethical discrepancies, ethical leadership issues, employee disloyalty, and organizational culture complexities.  However, the discussion of applying whistleblowing programs, ethics hotlines, disciplinary rules (court appointed return of monetary compensation for achieving sales goal), hiring a Chief Ethics Officer, establishing an Ethics Oversight Group, use standards and codes with employee signatures, ethics trainings, and learning & development should occur.

Data Analytics & Business Analytics: Data Science & Analysis

With a team of individuals with advanced and terminal academic degrees, we harness qualitative, quantitative, and mixed approaches to evaluating primary and secondary information. We assess how customer's pay and deep demographic information, employee satisfaction and skills, regional customer's preferences, turnover, and more.  Traditional data collection software and non-traditional data analysis software we exercise for the most robust outcomes are also used by and in case studies for corporates like Diamler Chrysler/Benz AG, Stanford University, Kraft Foods, tourism boards, and Samsung Group.  We are able to produce converged and non-converged data for deeper insights to make more informed business decisions.

Data Analytics & Business Analytics: Data Visualization

Our data analytics, business analytics, and data visualization techniques are embedded within our consulting service to provide insight on a range of company issues to increase clients competitive advantage, like for multinational banks, toy manufacturers, clothing retailers, airlines, and island resorts on shopper insights and solar panel innovation capacity to reduce costs and increase organizational and operational effectiveness and efficiency. We employ broad solutions to visualization that include, but are not limited to hybrid options, matrices, tables, photographs, scatterplots, trees, graphs, linguistic nets, and more.

Finance & Accounting: Cost Management, Financial Modeling, Valuation, & Financial Analysis Referrals

We perform basic cost management under our consulting service to help organizations plan and estimate project's and allocate and control costs for mandatory resources need to finish all activities involved with a project.  Holistically, for example, for a construction project, utilizing project management essentials we analyze how project costs will be planned, funded, and controlled.  For complex [quantitative] cost management, financial modeling, valuation, and financial analysis, we can provide quality referrals, for example, to reduce capital expenditures, expand, and negotiate new ownership structures.



(Service: Change Management and Organizational Development, Talent Management, Human Capital Strategy, Workforce Strategy/Planning, Organization Performance, Effectiveness & Retention, Learning and Development, Organization Transition or Transformation (e.g. M&A)

Organization Analysis & Development

Through diagnosis, we can identify what is limiting your groups, teams, staff, employees, and/or organization, which are all distinct, from being productive or high-performing, and recognize techniques relevant to your case to overcome such challenges.  Organization analysis and development can involve diagnosis, development, analysis, intervention models, statistical analysis, implementation, and other factors and is therefore customary for each entity.  We more often than not locate the root cause of a complexity and as a result, can pitch an appropriate solution.

Organizational Commitment & Leadership: Organization Design & Assessment

Typical outcomes of the organization design and assessment service is to multiply leaders effectiveness by harnessing their teams to be more effective.  Sometimes this comes through motivation & inspiration, but mostly via assisting employees with improving their performance.  Employees productivity can be enhanced by giving them feedback they can accept and are able to immediately act upon, using strategic methodologies and tools.  We can also determine what the design of your enterprise should be based on your organizations' strategy, mission, and industry while also applying key organizational and leadership theories, and if voluntary turnover is connected to employee burnout with linkages to other variables and how to approach resolution.


Organizational Commitment & Leadership: Integrated Talent Solutions

Given recent country specific and global recessions, ongoing voluntary and involuntary turnover in firms, ethical dilemmas in financial services companies, and the increase in virtual, remote, blended (independent contractors (IC) and full-time employees (FTE)), contingent, flexible, telecommute, and tele-work workforces, integrated talent solutions are favorable at any time.  We can help you comprehend teaming cycles.

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