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Your Success Begins with Us

Our Practices and Services


of Services

Our conglomerate was conceptualized in 1998, had early beginnings in the mid-west of the United States, and our primitive founders academic experience is global, composed of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, IE Business School Madrid, University of Cape Town, and the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, to name a few. 


After restructuring in 2008, we are now comprised of 26 subsidiaries with operations in 24 countries, 31 locations, on 6 continents, with 2 world headquarters, and 6 regional offices, a one-stop-shop to your enterprises or brands complexities and needs. 


Our regions of work are North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Caribbean, and South Africa & Middle East.  We pride ourselves on being professionals with deep expertise in organizations and entrepreneurial frameworks.

Business Growth


Our for-profit practice areas and companies include a creative services agency with advertising and marketing  capacities and a talent board for client convenience, literary, entertainment, films & productions, hair fashions & tools, broadcasting networks, consumer products, real estate properties, bed & breakfasts, public relations, publishing with content dissemination in 139 markets using strategic partnerships, ventures, radio, restaurants, retail, stores, aerospace transportation, and universities to grow our own and other businesses, and economies. 


Our non-profit entities are 7 and include a sports academy, leadership academy, and foundations.  Our leaders also partner with colleges, universities, and alternative higher education institutions to offer corporate and non-corporate courses instructional design strategies, content writing, and advisory services.


Our change management practice includes practice areas like strategy, operations, human resources, and management consulting where we diagnosis.and develop organizations, analyze data, and work on organizational development, interventions, M&A, implementations, and risk management. 


We partner with major consulting corporations and multinationals to present solutions to administrations most complex dilemmas exercising copyrighted experiential research approaches & tools, unconventional data analysis software, planning, extensive research proposals, strategy, market research, and quality improvement initiatives. 


Alike our approach to business growth strategies and offering a conglomerate of services, our objective is to solve real-world issues, create jobs, retain personnel, and improve organizations and economies. When entities improve and succeed, economies are enhanced.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Gabrielle McCarthy, MBA

Marketing VP

"I'm glad I worked with your firm because I make more money on one project than I make on one and sometimes several projects combined with major corporations who have been in business longer than you".


Note: Gabrielle's surname was changed for privacy.

Susan Dorsainville


When working with you we are able to complete work on time and on budget, even ahead of time and under budget.  I also like how we have built a long-term relationship to where if we are working late I have access to you after hours to still close deals and have a better chance of winning clients future business.

Alex Boyd, PhD

Franchise Owner

The resources and frameworks your firm provided helped reshape our company to perform better and have sustained productivity, as a high performing organization.

Note: Clients verbatim statements on this page are in quotations, paraphrases are not in quotations.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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