The name of our parent company is Lady Mirage Global.  We work with and support corporations around the world so they can recover, grow, expand, and/or advance, and avoid growth, expansion, target market, dissolution, turnover, retention, performance, strategy, compliance and regulation, and recession issues.  We achieve this primitively through organizational advisory and consulting, and to supplement, analytical, operations, risk, market research, transformation, change management, and corporate strategy services and consulting, with our core capabilities being skills to help us do so.

Lady Mirage Global



World Headquarters East

Main Mail Delivery

7550 Airways Blvd., Unit 1291

Southaven, MS 38671-0013

United States of America


World Headquarters West

Portland House, Bressenden Place

London, SW1E 5RS


Global Marketing HQ: New York

Global Sports HQ: Atlanta, GA


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