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Our firm began in the late 1990's to early 2000's in downtown Minneapolis

with our entertainment arm.  After conversations with celebrity colleagues, we later expanded to 23 states.  During the 2008-2010 global recession, we retained 100% of our clients, but still decided to restructure by becoming extremely specific in our practices, reduced operations to 6 states, entered 23 foreign markets, and secured clients on 6 continents to establish and enhance businesses and economies.

Our vision is to use our expertise, leadership, and dependability to create and grow companies, enhance performance, and lead clients through change to improve economies. Our mission, as a global conglomerate, is to offer a suite of services via strategically constructed enterprises to restore and empower clients, communities, and individuals who have encountered complexities, catastrophes, been overlooked, counted out for recovery, but have major innovation capacity. Including being misunderstood because of crises or unethical leadership, reduced to limited resources, need revitalization, and seek recovery, growth, expansion, and/or advancement to improve stakeholder value and benefits, build successful enterprises, and create household brands. 


Based on deep industry assessments, our core values are compassion (positivity), leadership, dependability, equality (fairness), and determination. However, we are also deeply embedded in excellence, diversity, integrity, collaboration, and detail. 

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