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Our advisory service and one of our core capabilities in addition to the core capabilities outlined subsequently, is short-term, exercised in each industry and market we work in, and can range from one hour to a few weeks to once a quarter.  Many times, we find we need to engage learning and development, corporate training and workshops, or executive coaching for corporations prior to advisory services.  Our advisory capacities are of corporate and board governance, risk and reputation management, intellectual property process, financial services, compliance and regulatory, and organizational framework.  Risks businesses encounter are internal and external.  Internal being financial, compliance, operations, and strategic, and external being market, regulatory, and environmental or economic risks and third-party actions.  In our advisory and consulting practices we help clients design companies to improve short and long-term productivity and growth, and decrease expenditures and over consumption of scarce resources.


Addressing board governance and its structure assists company leaders with ingraining and promoting compliance organization-wide, which also reduces risks.  However, ethics and compliance do not disseminate themselves throughout an enterprise.  Solutions like our Business Governance Plan (BGP) Development and Implementation Timeline, Functional Department Plan (FDP), and BGP Innovation Model℠ and Relationship Diagram can help with dissemination and includes insights on risk analysis, Statement of Ethics (SOE) review, Global Survey's and Online Forum Feedback initiative, stakeholder feedback analysis, advisory boards significance, and more, to combat operational risks, for example.  Our FDP focuses on alignment between human resources, legal, finance, technology, and advertising and marketing departments with Boards of Directors (BoD) to drive growth.


Our teams of experts have experience from each of our industries of practice, including within roles of higher education administration, automotive lending, finance, financial institutions and personal banking, health care and insurance benefits administration and terminal illness work with medical doctors (M.D.), advisory, commercial and investment banking, fraud, owners/developers, inventors/investors, fashion, beauty, transportation, talent management, various fields of design, and as credit managers.  We also work with business partners and suppliers to improve client institutions deficits.


We help clients align company mission, vision, values, culture, and strategy with business objectives, to increase performance and organizational effectiveness, and drive results.  This helps us solve real-world problems, including in client administrations, increasing stakeholder value.  To do so, we conduct experiential and experimental quantitative (hypotheses driven), qualitative, and convergent research, and participant debriefing to assess and grow organizations and brands.  Likewise, we possess the capacity to perform sequential and longitudinal studies.


Our consulting service is a long-term consistent project for a fixed-term and is utilized for each industry we work in.  We analyze management and leadership, employees and employee engagement, organizational commitment, retention and turnover, organizational architecture, behavior, and culture, core values, firm components (e.g. teams, groups, performance, innovation capacities, and human resources practices), strategic decisions, suppliers, technology choices, customer service, and risk to interpret complex enterprise and economic issues to implement winning strategies to grow organizations profitability and competitive advantage.  For instance, risk can be associated with sales fraud due to rewards  structures, initiating or being related to a decrease in bottom line, connected to customer dissatisfaction.


Some of the delivery models and diagnostic apparatuses we apply are our Ethics Resolution Model℠, Gender Diversity Model℠, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Evaluation Tool℠, Intervention Matrix, and the Performance Excellence Quality Leadership Award (PEQLA)℠ criteria tool.  The PEQLA℠ was conceived based on practicum assessments of Dow Chemical Company to evaluate leadership.  And since no one model fits all organizations, we harness a range of organizational diagnostic, development, and change effort (change management) instruments to get to the root of organizational issues, remove hindrances in firms, improve productivity, ensure blockages do not return by closing risk gaps, track performance and progress, and measure impact.  Some of the major corporations we work with include working with consultants who are certified professionals, CPAs, attorneys, psychotherapists, executive coaches, and financial advisors to solve complexities.  We work with our clients through actionable solution implementation for tangible results instead of just recommending a solution after locating the problem and then leaving our clients behind.


Our investments and interests are within 12 industries and include, but are not limited to household products, niche apparel, pet care, and foods & beverages that are gluten-free, natural/organic, environmentally friendly, have social impact, and are women-led.  Additional investments are within REITs, BioTech, oil & gas, clean water, metals, and agriculture. 


REIT and non-REIT categories include shopping malls, hotels and lodging spaces, bistros/cafes, coffee shops, supermarkets, beauty supply's, salons, university properties, sports teams & facilities, corporate housing, upscale and health restaurants, waterfront and storefront brick & mortar's, islands and resorts, global office spaces and franchises, and television networks.  Coffee shops investments are within book stores, airports, universities, and brick & mortars.  High growth companies with strong sustainable gross margins are of interest.


Within our analytics service, team members were trained by ACCENTURE, during prominent university practicums, and through real-world professional experience.  Our primary focus is on organizational and customer analytics, with interest in working with business partners on the use of machine learning and fraud analytics to identify when services are not paid for by customers and to develop sale, up-sale, cross-sale, and competitive advantage opportunities.  We obtain, clean, and organize complex sets of structured, unstructured (e.g. photographs), and third party data to understand what customers want and the challenges firms are encountering for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed analyses. 


Hence, we use strategic advisory, statistical modeling, exploratory and explanatory empirical data, and data visualization to apply management and decision sciences to business operations and provide metrics and insights to clients, for developments, advancements, and/or creating solutions, such as in health care.  To further exemplify, analytics in life sciences, for example in the pharmaceutical industry, can be applied for marketing effectiveness to measure promotional effectiveness.  For instance, applying correlation analysis to devise allocation of resources or financial use strategies, also known as approaches to spending enterprise financial capital strategies.  Put another way, based on data-sets and analysis, how can a firm's finances be best spent and where?  Therefore, data is an organizational asset.


We also consider Big Data, The Internet of Things (IoT), and New Platforms data analytics and data science methodologies to comprehend data structures, data collected on how customers make purchases, for example, to drive customer retention, and how to present actionable recommendations to companies difficulties.  Too, we believe not all data should be quantitative because leaders of companies need to know what customers are saying, how or why they feel a particular way about a product or service, provoking the need for obtaining qualitative and mixed data for analyses to discover, improve, and/or launch products and services.


Our creative services include advertising, marketing, and market research for in-store signage and display, catalog, POP/POS, online, print, and packaging.  We also have media buying, marketing, channel, brand, product, and pricing strategy and management capacity.  Conveniently, we retain a talent board, commercial and non-commercial photographers, and close partnerships to address clients holistic needs, seamlessly, effectively, and efficiently.


We conceptualize, design, develop, and manage products via an intra-organizational entrepreneurship model.  Also, we assist clients with primary research and analytics to improve their advertising, marketing, customer, and products strategies.  Some of the products we develop from concept to finish are hair, skin, and nail care, cosmetics, hair tools, apparel/shoes, luggage, fragrance, household, and food & beverage products.


Our lifestyle services are global like all of our services.  We have worked with some of the best industry experts, celebrities, producers, companies, and moguls in a range of areas, like organizational development, concept and content creation, board governance, and market expansion. 


Mainly, for lifestyle, we assist organizations with the conceptualization, design, and production of major fashion

weeks, large-scale televised and non-televised awards shows, product launches, and major industry events.  Major events include lifestyle festivals, Hollywood and women's events, expositions, trade-shows, conventions, research and non-research conferences, economic and non-economic forums, symposiums, and summits, and major motion picture, feature film, and 1/2 hour drama releases.

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